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Unit 3 memory  Sculpture of airstole  One of the central idea of memory was it was in a way like an experience makes an impact on the soul For the brain remembering is like reliving  In the study they simply had special pop of ppl who had electrodes put deep inside in their brain  Record single neurons deep inside- record bunch of them simultaneously  Present stimuli-videos- measure perception  Few minutes later ask the subjects to recall when they watch particular video, specific neurons fired- some parts of the brain is firing when it proceeds something and other part firing when remembering  Brand new memory is unstable and easy to mess with it Memory consolidation  Initial memories are plastic and only after memory consolidation the outcome is strong  System consolidation- hippocampus is so important, when you go from initial point of forming memory and then move to independent place of memory where you don’t rely on hip  Making synapses alter in some way to represent that info- cellular or synaptic consolidation  Connecting one neuron to another is changing in a way- long lasting perception  If you learn something and form a new memory, and u shock someone after, hippocampus prevent you from forming long lasting memory- no consolidation  Hear the word bear, some synaptic changes occur- prevent from producing proteins- interrupts memory consolidation  Hear the word bear and then say other words, harder to remember the first word  If you keep throwing new changes, destroy the initial memory – memory overload  Once you learn something and then you ingest some kind of stimulant like coffee, adrenaline- you enhance the memory  Certain drugs after you learn something can enhance that memory  How stress could affect memory consolidation?  If you get stressed out, cortisol get into the neuron and stimulating it- changes the behaviour of genes- affects which kind of proteins are produced Stress receptors and memory  Cortisol going towards hippocampus and receptors waiting there to accept it and change the dna pattern Emotional memory  There is some evidence that men and women differ in what the remember  Some elements that are neutral and some are more emotionally charged that only some remember it more than others Sex differences
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