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Clinical Neruopsych - Chapter 13- Verbal Functions and Language Skills.pdf

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Konstantine Zakzanis

Chapter 13: Verbal Functions and Language Skills Boston Naming Test (BNT) -consists of 60 large ink drawings of items ranging in familiarity from such common ones as a “tree” and “pencil” at the beginning of the test to “sphinx” and “trellis” -discontinued after eight consecutive failures -for patients with dementia sometimes semantic or phonetic cues are required -racial difference between blacks and whites -test results show a slight drop in their late 70’s -education level is a contributing factor, no sex differences -naming impairments in aphasic patients, significantly more perseveration errors than patients with right hemisphere damage -thalamic lesions can produce naming deficits -typically naming deficits occur in patients with left hippocampal damage -progressive aphasia producing naming errors with damage to the temporal lobes bilaterally -BNT is also widely used in dementia assessment as a sensitive indicator of both the presence and the degree of deterioration -alzheimer’s patients have both lexical retrieval deficits and semantic deficits Vocabulary (Wechsler) -the test is continued until the subject fail 5, 6, or 3 times consecutively or until the list has been completed -score reflects the extent of recall vocabulary and the effectiveness of speaking vocabulary -it is often used as a measure of premorbid intelligence -scores t
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