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Lecture 9

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Zachariah Campbell

Lecture 8 (cont.) Group Therapy Role of group is supportive or confrontational Individuals with similar central nervous system difficulties Open versus Closed Principles • Deal with difficulties that are shared • Address of minority of individual needs Ethical Issues • Confidentiality • Socialization & fragmentation • Intimacy/dating GT is more effective than no therapy GT Modalities Psychoanalytic • Employs 4 phases of psychoanalysis + social dimension Psychodrama • Acting out emotionally significant scenes • Works with introverts that need a way to express themselves Gestalt • Facilitate individuals bring their feelings into awareness Behavioural • Assessment and modification of behaviours/thoughts Lecture 9: Psychotropic Drugs Definition: Substances which have an impact on psychological experience Prescription Privileges • Physicians • Nurse Practitioners • Physician’s Assistants • Psychologists/Pharmacists (regional) Psychopharmacology Psychoactive • Measurable impact on CNS function • Interfere with neurotransmitter systems o Serotonergic o Norepinephrine o Dopamine o  Acetylcholine Pharmacokinetics Absorption • Oral • Intravenous (fastest way) • Sublingual • Transdermal patches • Inhaling Distribution • Has to be liquid soluble or have an active transport • Has to pass blood-brain barrier Metabolism Elimination Pharmacodynamics Agonists (stimulates neurotransmitters) vs. antagonists (stops neurotransmitters from transmission) Drug potency: Amount of drug required to produce desired response • Have to look at side effects, not just how well the drug is working Maximum effectiveness: Limit where dosage increase has little/no response effect Therapeutic index: Relationship between desired therapeutic effects and associated adverse effects – minimize lethality, boost efficacy • Adverse reactions o Range of sever
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