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Anthony C Ruocco

Lec 10 Standards for the Expert Witness Federal Rules of Evidence This is one way to determine whether expert testifies on number of different things to be a qualified expert they have to be based on judges assessment of education training and experienceso you need to put your selection based on qualification Experts testimony should make sense and it should be based in real theoretical way of happeningFyre V United States Not lying or lying based on this test based on alimoniesmorschach test reliability and validity this has to be highThis affects psychological assessments It has general acceptance in the field any difficulties working with that frameworkbc its not scientifically supportedsuch as the morschach test its not a validated test Experts should use well established researched instruments as there are a lot of variabilitythis is to show that we need to use valid tests and should be based uponDaubert v Merrell Dow Pharmaceuricals 1993What is a valid testSo we need to use imperial testing when its an abstract its hard to falsify or test that theory whether it measures intelligence and what its correlated with high levels of standards and it should be peer reviewed and publication What are the chances of what they rangewe have to know the error rate for faking percentage and to be validated Should be accepted by the scientific communityMohanThere should be criterion put in place to see that it is based on validated findings Th
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