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PSYC35- lecture 11 - traits "the psychology of the stranger" - Mcadams: goals, attributes helps us to fill in the details that traits don't fully give us - A third level is necessary, by the time of adolescence, we have internalized self narratives that integrate past present and future - provides life with a sense of unity and purpose - all three levels are necessary and contain info that are not included in the others - motivation attributes of individuals are organized in hierarchy...with broad motivational constructs at the top then get increasingly narrow as you go down - the broadest level= representation of self and what you want to be in the future - next are values and principles...regulate our behaviours to become our complete self’s...this helps us adopt major life goals - next are personal projects - the most narrow are what motivate you in your everyday to day goals you set for yourself - Self concept example would be being a good citizen - the life goals that preoccupy you for several years could be joining a charity - these help organize behaviour over years Life Goal domains: 7 different bins that vary ion what individuals adopt - the range of things that a young adult is likely to pursue Goals and Personality Development - (check the assigned reading) - three kinds of continuity - differential or relative continuity - mean level or absolute continuity - individual level change Hypothesis: - differential continuity had no meaning ful predictions, but the stability of personality traits are .5, .6 - 2 hypothesis: we can see goals as extensions of personality traits, traits working themselves out....the traits you have shape the goals you want...the goals we choose are based on the traits we have...if this is the case, goals should change overtime like the way personality traits change over time. i.e. conscientiousness goes up during middle life then accomplishment goals should too... 2. baltes: goals not extensions of traits, but goals major dealing with shaping life. the process of development include trying these goals out and finding out which is a better fit. most goals get dropped (winnowing=to narrow) than are kept. there is a selection process, so as you age, the importance you assign to goals should decline as you choose which goals to adopt and leave behind. Even though traits are on the rise. Roberts have three other hypothesis: Check the slides 1. some traits will correlate with others 2. traits and goals should become increasingly correlated over time 3. traits and goals should demonstrate corresponsive patterns : if you choose to adopt more aesthetic goals then this should increase your level of openness Final hypothesis: social investment principle: we are all called upon to prepare ourselves for future roles. the traits that assists us in these goals should show correspondence in changes. i.e. becoming parents, part of working teams Study: the longitudinal study of personality and self esteem development - the paper assigned for reading comes from this data set - major life goals and personality traits were assessed - start from first year to 4th year- ( look at slides) - there were a lot of other scales that were given into a composite health index...including self esteem, depression etc... - Goals in differential continuity: for personality traits, has stability of .6 - so ma
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