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Lecture 11

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Lianne Tripp

Lecture 11 - Goal and Narrative development - Goals we adopt correlate with personality trait change 1) Personality framework a. Level 1. Personality traits/dispositions - Explain the enduring consistencies we see. - Can perceive some traits either easily inferable or more difficult. - Sketch an outline of who an individual is. b. Level 2. Characteristic adaptations - Stylistic adaptations people experience through changing times and environments. - Provide useful information that traits do not. - Explain why people adapt; filling in the details. c. Level 3. Integrative life stories - Internalized self-narratives of someone’s past, present, and future. 2) Goals - Hierarchically organised - At the highest you have broad contexts of what you may think you are. - At the lowest level, goals, are a person’s idea of how they want shape certain aspects of their. Hyp Hypothesis 1: goals are natural outgrowths of the traits you have. Are not entirely separate. As traits change, goals change. In young adult development, traits do change. If goals that are associated with the rising level of traits, they should change too. or Hypothesis 2: At the beginning of life, everyone has a lot of aspirations. When we t
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