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Lecture 5

LECTURE 5 C35 (detailed) (recording)

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Marc A Fournier

Lecture 5 AP Start 120 Personality dynamicsthe dynamics that occur btw individuals the processes mechanisms that equip us for inferring the traits that other people haveHow is it that someone comes to know the personality traits of another individual Today well be talking about the direct face to face processesStart 630 When we talk about person perception or personality perception we should begin by asking whether or not the topic is worthy of consideration in its own right How is person perception in any way meaningfully different from object perception There are several reasons of why person perception should be considered separately from object perceptionThere are at least 4 ways in which person perception is different from object perception Person perception is a reciprocal processwhen we are perceiving inanimate objects the object is not perceiving us This is not the case when people are perceiving people When you are perceiving someone that person is perceiving you In other words person perception is a transactional process its not unidirectional When people are perceiving each other it is a reciprocal fashion Not only is person perception a transactional reciprocal process where you are evaluating one person and that other person is evaluating you You know that that other person is evaluating you at the same time that person is aware that you are evaluating them There is a metacognitive component of person perception where it is not outside of your awareness that the perceptual processes are occurring The reciprocal transactional evaluative process is likely to be more related to how we see ourselves than object perception Under most circumstances we perceive inanimate objects the process of this is not likely to involve or influence how we see ourselves The kinds of things we perceive in other people are likely to be more consequential with respect to our self perception The kinds of attributes we see in other people may well be attributes you yourself have or attributes you yourself wish to have There is much a greater level of ego involvement when we are in the process of perceiving others The act of perceiving others is likely to involve or act upon our self perception in ways that object perception does not People are more dynamic targets than objects By and large often the case for a great number of objectsthese are invariant attributes The kinds of attributes we see in other people may change from location to location to situation to situation
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