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Lecture 12

psyc35 lecture 12

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Marc A Fournier

Lecture 12Psychotherapy and Personality ChangePsychodynamic therapies the goal is to be a blank slate so that the patient can project all the issues on to you transference The interpretationinsight produces changecognitive behavioural therapies When consequences are positive you are more likely to produce the behaviourtherapies include things like patient going through situations that cause them anxietyHumanistic Existential therapies what are the conditions we need to satisfy in order to receive love from loved ones The therapist must give unconditional positive regardDodo Bird Effect all therapies are equally good Patients do equally well in all typesWhy existing differences have yet to be detecteddiverse strategies to similar endstypes are different and produce changes in different ways but work equally well common factors what goes on in therapy sessions there are things done in commonthese methods all produce change factors can be like personality characteristics of the therapist and the patient Another factor therapy and Life story Therapist help patients produce more productive and useful life stories Writing about traumatic events seems to be therapeutic shown in study write repeatedly about one particular trauma the narratives of people sometimes improved and well structured those who had their narratives improve showed more improvements in their healthLevels of Personality Level 1 the most broadest and general disposition level 2 adaptations to motivational cognitive developmental challengeslevel 3 integrative life stories therapeutic change is most likely to occur herethe first two levels dont seem to be enough Narrative Identity who you are can only be understood through narrative Your identity is a representation of your sequence of events that have occurred in your life Having a better narrative helps you cope with aging better Meant to give us a sense of unit
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