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Lecture 11

PSYC35 lecture 11

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Marc A Fournier

PSYC35 lecture 11traits the psychology of the strangerMcadams goals attributes helps us to fill in the details that traits dont fully give usA third level is necessary by the time of adolescence we have internalized self narratives that integrate past present and futureprovides life with a sense of unity and purposeall three levels are necessary and contain info that are not included in the othersmotivation attributes of individuals are organized in hierarchywith broad motivational constructs at the top then get increasingly narrow as you go downthe broadest level representation of self and what you want to be in the futurenext are values and principlesregulate our behaviours to become our complete selfsthis helps us adopt major life goalsnext are personal projectsthe most narrow are what motivate you in your everyday lifeday to day goals you set for yourselfSelf concept example would be being a good citizen the life goals that preoccupy you for several years could be joining a charitythese help organize behaviour over years Life Goal domains 7 different bins that vary ion what individuals adopt the range of things that a young adult is likely to pursue Goals and Personality Developmentcheck the assigned readingthree kinds of continuitydifferential or relative continuitymean level or absolute continuityindividual level change Hypothesisdifferential continuity had no meaning ful predictions but the stability of personality traits are 5 62 hypothesis we can see goals as extensions of personality traits traits working themselves outthe traits you have shape the goals you wantthe goals we choose are based on the traits we haveif this is the case goals should change overtime like the way personality traits change over time
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