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Marc A Fournier

PSYC35READING 1 Replicability and 40 year Predictive Power of Childhood The Abstract examined 3 questions dealing with 1 under controlled 2 over controlled 3 Resilient AsendorpfRobins Caspi ARC These are all personality typespersonality types were identified by BlockFollow up on 1100 of the now adults 40 years laterThe follow up tested the general and cardiovascular outcomesARC gradients of similarity to 3 prototype Big Five Profiles 3 questions were associated to 3 Big Five traits ARC showed associations with health outcomesThe Bulk of the ReportPersonality structuredimensions reflecting the covariation of personality traits in the population It is also a configuration of attributes within an individualIt is a person centered approachit dates back to Sterns Psychography which is the description of an individual by his or her pattern of traits Block and Block 1 Personcentered approach configuration of personality traits within an individual2 Variable centered approachcovariation of traits in groups of peopleNumber 1 focuses on personality prototypesThe article is a review of an aspect of personality psychology with its focus on ARC3 questions about ARC1 Replicability 2 Categorical vs dimensional nature3 Predictive power The Asendorpf Robins caspi typesPersonality prototypesconfigurations of traits they occur in regularity in population Personality types and its research dates back to Ancient Greeceie Theophrastus Characters he had 30 types of cads and misanthropes in Athens ie The Shameless Man that would be boorish negligent of ethics contemptuousfeeling expressing or demonstrating a strong dislike or utter lack of respect for somebody or something of social order ARC types Strong Theoretical Foundation and empirical like the Big Five Block discussed the types in the context of his theory of ego resiliency and ego control
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