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Amanda U.

Lecture  8:  Tuesday  November  13,  2012   1     Positive Psychotherapy Tayyab Rashid, Ph.D., C.Psych Health & Wellness Centre Exercise: Positive Introduction Think about a time when you were at your best. You don’t need to come up with a grand or life-changing event. Perhaps what comes to mind is a small event that called forth the best in you. It can also be an on-going situation which lasted for a while. R eflect about this time or situation which brought the best out of you. Make it in the form of a story with a clear beginning, middle, and a positive end. Our Time Together… . Why Positive Psychotherapy? Assumptions, theory & empirical evidence Case Conceptualization Character Strengths, Usage, Goal Setting, Flow, Creating Your Best Self Good & Bad Memories Gratitude Positive Relationships Post-traumatic Growth (PTG) Process & Integration Q & A Why Positive Psychotherapy? Z igar ik & Adaptation Discovered that our memory for negative events is very good. Principles: 1. Our memory for incomplete and negative events is very clear. 2. We adapt to everything – we are creatures of adaptions a. The first chocolate taste good, but many after that doesn’t b. The graph: as income increases, happiness does not increase – this is because we adapt to everything i. The independent variables don’t add more than 10-15% of happiness – early 50% is genetic. Independent variables include: education, where you live This is why we need PPT, because we need to help our clients to see what they can change to be more happy. Lecture  8:  Tuesday  November  13,  2012   2     Assumptions 1. we have an inborn capacity for growth 2. Positive strengths are just as important as negative strengths. Longitudinal research on childhood events, even traumatic, do not have an impact on your personality. 3. therapeutic relationships are based on the notion that the therapists has the authority, expertise and credentials to diagnose a client. But the therapy is about doing that together??? Solid therapeutic relationship is really listening to the client Implications Temper tantrums ODD Distraction ADHD Organization & neatness OCD Caution Paranoia Introversion Social Anxiety Premenstrual emotional change Premenstrual Dysphoric d/o A couple of drinks Alcohol Intoxication Preoccupation with appearance Body Dysmorphic d/o the notion that once a disorder is figured out, the individual tend to exaggerate their symptoms Not all Smiles are Created Equal An authentic smile is the flexion of __________ muscles. If someone’s smile is inauthentic, you’ll probably notice it. What does a smile have to do with anything? Smile is positive Lecture  8:  Tuesday  November  13,  2012   3     Pleasure, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning & Accomplishments (PERMA, Seligman, 2011) Happiness has three components: 1. Pleasant life or positive emotions : we are sensory beings, sweet sounds, tastes, temperature needs to be congenial to be comfortable. The countries where the basic life c onditions are terrible, their well beings are low. 2. Engagement: modern, contemporary culture deprives us of this, we need to put in effort 3. Relationships: healthy, strong and close relationships is very important 4. Meaning: we need to have a sense of meaning: are you getting this degree for the sake of credentials or is there meaning? 5. Accomplishment: it is innate human motive to strive for something, and the sense of accomplishment PPT Exercises ~ Pleasure Engagement/Accomplishment Meaning/Relationships ¡ Positive Introduction ¡ Assess your ¡ PTG ¡ Negative Memories Engagement/Flow ¡ Positive r’ships ¡ Gratitude Letter/Visit ¡ Identify your SS ¡ Positive Comm ¡ Three Nightly Blessings ¡ SS: Action Plan ¡ Gift of Time ¡ Slowness & ¡ Maximizing and Savoring Satificizing Lecture  8:  Tuesday  November  13,  2012   4     PPT (Seligman, Rashid, & Parks, 2006) 90 80 70 60 50 ZUNG  <  50 40 CES-­‐‑D  <  10 30 Hamilton  <  10 20 10 0 PPT TAU TAU+Meds PPT exercises with Children (Rashid & Anjum, 2007) PPT exercises with Teachers Rashid, 2009 50 40 30 20 10 0 BControl PreI Control Post Lecture  8:  Tuesday  November  13,  2012   5     Current Developments ¡ DBT and PPT ¡ Sin & Lyubomirsky, 2009 ¡ Flückiger et al., 2009 ¡ Wood & Tarrier, 2010 – their metastudy suggests that when you tap at the positives, things improve for depressed individuals ??? Life-Satisfaction Life Satisfaction Pre Pose 20.50 19.00 18.00 11.43 DBT-PPT Control Positive Emotions in Therapy Dick-Niederhauser (2008) Fitzpatrick & Stalikas (2008) change people’s mindsets: open scope of attention, broaden behavioral repertoires, and increases intuition, creativity (divergent thinking). ¡ Work as re-set buttons predict: (a) resilience to adversity (b) increased happiness (c) psychological growth (d) lower levels of cortisol (e) reduced inflammatory responses to stress (f) reductions in subsequent-day physical pain (g) resistance to rhinoviruses and (h) reductions in stroke Lecture  8:  Tuesday  November  13,  2012   6     Case Conceptualization Susan, a 38-year old, married woman Depressive sxs Since five months, unable to work Marriage, ‘”empty and lacking intimacy” On positive measures, Susan’s signature strengths included social intelligence, modesty, and kindness, appreciation of beauty and excellence and spirituality. Case Conceptualizatio n ¡ What difference the knowledge of strength makes, in addition to symptoms, in conceptualizing Susan’s case? She was creative, but when depression hit, she stopped painting, and it took sometime to get her back to doing that--- don’t expect a linear progression ¡ What specific role strengths can play in the treatment? Describe potential benefits and disadvantages? The nuance: she was kind to others but not enough with herself ¡ Cultural context: 200+ Virtue Texts Spanning 2,500
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