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LEC 1: MIDTERMS AND EXAMS: 90% based on LEC MATERIAL -multiple choice exams only Definition of Psychotherapy: -an intentional interpersonal relationship to aid in problems in living -GOAL being belief of symptoms, changes in behavior leading to improved social and vocation functioning, and personality growth -there needs to be a *relationship Professor’s DEFINITION OF PSYCHOTHERAPY: -an intentional “one sided” interpersonal relationship, where one person is enacting a professional skill set -the goal is to achieve the interpersonal goals of the identified patient/client -professional= need to have a degree and education -One sided relationship= don’t share an equal relationship (mainly the therapist that overrides the relationship and has the power) >WHO DOES PSYCHOTHERAPY? -Psychiatrists -clinical psychologist -social workers -Counseling psychologists -marriage and family therapists -school counselors -Psychiatric nurses -clergy -PsyDs -*must be registered to do these types of therapy >WHO NEEDS PSYCHOTHERAPY? -Mental disorders -traumas -impairments/distress -everyone? (Almost everyone might benefit from psychotherapy) >History of Psychotherapy (don’t need to know for exam) -400 BCE: Ancient Greece -One of the first times to hear about psychotherapy -there were four humors -ppl were being categorized into diff types and there were different types of healing for diff categories 15 cent: Bedlam -London, England -First mental health hospital where mental patients were admitted -there were admitted -patients chained to floor and treated like animals -were housed until they died Hypnotism: -1774: Mesmer Movie: use magnets and weird devices mainly on women -animal magnetism: would touch ppl and then heal them (like meditation) th -18 cent: Braid -First actual hypnotism -empirically validated treatments Ellen DeGeneres video: -made her associate smoking with other aversive stimuli -made her think of bad experiences with smoking -she eventually quit >>Psychoanalysis: 1886: Freud and the talking cure -dreams -inkblots - First introduced talking therapy -realized in seeing diff patients if you talk with them about childhood, they could achieve insight and feel better -most work on hysterical women -did dream interpretation -very little ppl do psychoanalysis anymore >>Humanistic/person centered 19
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