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Lecture 11

PSYC36H3 Lecture 11: PSYC36 Lecture #11 – Experiential Therapies- Emotion-Focused Therapy and Interpersonal Therapy

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Amanda Uliaszek

Lecture11ExperientialTherapies:EmotionFocusedTherapyand InterpersonalTherapy Psychoanalysis which starts very long ago its very intense and is very much a difference of power. Psychoanalysis knows best There was a whole school that reacted very negative to this experiential therapist (humanistic) The patient is the expert on themselves, and they know all about themselves o It is not pushed down and repressed They are just trying to be people like everyone else The therapist is just there for support This is the most common therapy youll see today History HumanisticExperiential movement was a reaction to behaviorism and psychoanalysis o Also a reaction to behaviorism this felt very cold, scientific and reductionist Behaviourism didnt explain the richness of human existence Took a more positive orientation towards human nature o These humanistic therapists lead by Carl Rogers We just need to help people along their way Supportive, safe, and respectful relationship o This is the primary treatment technique o This is how the therapy works o Safe relationship No true symptom rationale but people were upset because they were living a life that didnt match their ideals General Concepts Awareness o Where experience enters consciousness o What is going on in your head nothing is about the unconscious o It is all about what youre thinking and feeling on a day to day basis whats going on in your head this week Process (process therapy or process group) o Content plus awareness o Just want to know what the content is in your consciousness o Lets process through this way of taking your experience and talking about it (youre organizing it, putting it together in concepts, creating themes) makes you feel better and understand what is going on o Example a CRAZY night out, where someone throws a drink on you you talk about the night when you leave with your friends on way home most likely, and all reconstruct the night Dialogue o You come in and your say this is what Im going through o The therapist asks you questions about it
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