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Lecture Notes Part 1 of the Semester - Sept13-Oct18

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Amanda U.

Fall 2011PSYC36Psychotherapy September 13 2011 Midterm90 from lectureno dates need to understand conceptsFinalnot cumulativeObjectivegive broad view of major players in modern psychotherapystudy psychotherapy with a critical eye and a scientific approachthrough the eyes of a scientist Definition of psychotherapy an intentional interpersonal relationship to aid problems in livingthrough the use of treatment of mental and emotional disorders psychological techniques designed to encourage communication of conflictsand insight into problems with the goal being relief of symptoms changesin behavior leading to improved social and vocational functioning andpersonality growth an intentional onesided interpersonal relationship where one person isenacting a professional skill set the goal is to achieve the intrapersonal goals of the identified patientclientlife satisfaction goals delusions depression etc Who does psychotherapy psychiatrists clinical psychologist social workers counseling psychologists marriage and family therapists school counselors psychiatric nurses PsyDs Clergy need to be licensed or registered to do psychotherapy Who Needs psychotherapy mental disorder trauma impairmentdistress everyoneHistory 400 BCE Ancient Greece 4 humors therapy goes back this far left the humors are superimposed on modern type of therapy had people being categorized into certain types depending on the emotions 1 Fall 2011PSYC36Psychotherapyand experiences they were havingThis similarly goes back to ancient Chinayingyang th15 Century Bedlam first mental health hospital no psychotherapy people with any type of insanity and mental retardation Hypnotism1774 Mesmerthere is a movie about him he didnt actually use hypnotism this is where the word came fromhe came up with animal magnatismhe could touch people and heal them run out of the country he was disproven and his theories weredisregarded th18 century Braidfirst one to do hypnotism with a watchFreud used hypnotismhypnotism does work on many people but not all smokingweight lossMovie Ellen being hypnotizedto quit smokingthe sustained attention to one thing fatigues your brain and you end updaydreaming its a semiconscious state measure of suggestibilitybrought up negative emotionsassociated negative emotions with smokingcould it not be selffulfilling prophecy Psychoanalysis 1886 Freud and the talking curetalking about childhood brought more insight did most of his therapy with hysterical womenamazing theoristbut did not do the experiments to support it Dreamsalmost exclusively for psychotherapyInkblotsalmost no empirical validity at all no research behind themif you said whatever you thought when you saw an inkblot it wouldbring about things from your consciousness that were to painfulotherwise 2
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