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Lecture 2

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Psychological Assessment Lecture 2The back of your head in regards to phrenology is supposedly where love is determined Wilhelm Wundt discovered the first psychological laboratory ever Hand dynamometer is used to measure grip strength The guy who measured phrenology was arrested which caused the downfall of phrenology Peabody vocabulary test is as test where there is four pictures that helped to test vocabulary by seeing if they understand what the examiner had asked Basal age is used to determine is the lowest level of proeffiencey whereas a persons ceiling is the highest they can get on a testIQ was first intended to test mentally retarded children in Paris Words such as idiot feebleminded moron and imbecile were used to classify people back in the day which is now regarded to be as very offensive Henry Goddard was one of the people which is why that he isnt seen as an important figureThe army alpha test was used to test verbal abilities and the army beta test was used to test perceptualmotor abilities A lot of people could not pass the beta test because people could not understand whatthe reason is for the test because there was no verbal instructions given The SAT test is used to determine who may be successful in
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