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Lecture 7


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Michael Inzlicht

LECTURE 7 – WK 8 MAR 5 TH 2013 Origins of Personality Personality: An Overview • Each person is consistent to some extent; we have coherent traits and action pattern that arise repeatedly • Each person is distinctive to some extent; behavioural differences exist between individuals Theories and techniques covered 1. Psychoanalytic Theories of Personality 2. Phenomenological Theories of personality 3. Behavioural and Social Learning Theories 4. Trait Conceptions of Personality 5. The Projective Hypothesis 6. Association Techniques 7. Completion Techniques 8. Construction Techniques 9. Expression Techniques Psychoanalytic Theories of Personality • Sigmund Freud (1856-1936) • The Rorschach Test • T.A.T. -> Thematic Apperception Test • Origins of Psychoanalytic Theory o Infer unconscious desires and wishes from exposing individual to ambiguous (has no meaning, the unconscious creates one) stimuli The Structure of the Mind -> 4 diff. structures • Pleasure Principle: Impulsion, towards immediate satisfaction w/o regard for values, good or evil, or morality • Id: entirely unconscious, inferred from dreams and symptoms o Make random associations in their minds and infer from the associated behaviours: • Ego: mediates btwn Id and reality; Reality Principle -> seeks realistic and safe ways of discharging instinctual tension (ie. Behaving in socially appropriate ways) • Superego: roughly synonymous with conscience; ethical component • This theory cannot be tested, P.A. and 4 structures -> INVALID Phenomenological Theories of Personality • Approaches personality from the immediate, personal, and subjective experience • Carl Rogers and the Q-technique • The Q-techniques a procedure for studying changes in self- concept • Understanding a person’s Q-sort usually involves comparing the distribution of items against an established norm Behavioural and Social Learning Theories • Operant
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