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Lecture 11

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Jessica Dere

Lecture 11 – November 26 th Communication The assessment process in a nutshell:  Referral: someone decided a psych assessment is needed, whether it’s the client, parent, teacher, doctor, judge…  Gather information regarding the referral: why was it required? This includes an initial interview and talking to other people in client’s life.  Test Selection: there’s a huge selection of tests and a crucial step is to pick the right one based on needs, norm availability, reliability, validity, current literature…  Test Administration: understand how to administer tests in a standardized fashion, think about modification or accommodation…  Interpretation: Use all your clinical knowledge and judgment  Communicate the results to the client or other professionals (if necessary) Throughout, the psychologist needs extensive knowledge of ethics, interviewing techniques and cultural issues. The goal of communication, especially when it’s to client, is to make findings as understandable as possible. There are 2 types: o Oral Communication: ideally, you should discuss the report verbally before handing it over to minimize their attention loss.
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