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Anthony C Ruocco

LEC 078 Behavioral Assessment we focus on behavior itself such as autismparent wants to change the BEHAVIOUR it is useful to have an autism but doesnt mean much so we need to know the problematic behaviorsA B Cantecedents the events that led to this behavior and B the behavior and C which is the consequences which can be reward or punishments not about interviewing the patient themselves but also the family members and friends to gain insight on patients behavioursVIDEO in a behavioral assesment when you interview some psychologist or a family member it is a long ass interview to determine their behaviourto find out whats more rewarding then their bad behaviour Analogue the patient is contrived in a setting in which assesment takes place rapid couples interaction scoring system you get to see if they crisize humor disagreementsrating each other on each others behaviorsa way to measure personal behaviour Ecological Momentary Assesment where you get data points that you get collectedfrom experiences that you get reported on a handheld device the down side it is VERY labor intensive just looking at thousands of data points LEC 08 BROAD BAND TESTS OF NORMAL PERSONALITYpositive psychBagby was known for using a personality which measures a specificpersonality trait lack of emotion and inability to describe it and uses the lexifima scalehe is also measures BROAD aspects of personality like MMPI
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