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Lec 09 CASE OF EANeuropsychological screening diarrhea speech disfunction normal pressure hydrocephalusventricle fluid filled spaces which can be enlarged which means that there is internally increased pressure to determine whether they have the hydrocephalus so they have to remove some of the fluid through the spinal cordwhen there is low they have to inject fluid atrophy shrinking of brain due to loss of gray cells neural death paraneoplastic shows a possibility of a tumor or cancer but also other mechanisms that cause this atrophy of corpus callosum allows cross talk with the two hemispheres and it is in the middle of the brainagenesis of corpus callosum doesnthave corpus callosumADL deficiencies of the daily routine life cognitive and emotion difficulties memory difficulties she has labile affect unstable Gate wide based gate she walked weird She fallen over cellebelur distharthia where her voice doesnt sound like that she didnt have the strongest cognitive reserve Corpus Callosum connects with the left and right hem the integration is this 4 subsections of the brain Frontal lobemotor control reasoning and judgment when asked to move your finger motor strip is activated SMELL is different it is in the base of the frontal lobe Parietal Lobe somatosensory information processingOccipital lobevisual
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