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University of Toronto Scarborough
Anthony C Ruocco

Psychoanalytic theory Thematic apperception underlying feelings and stuff comes to the surface Pleasure principle you really want to do something but you put it off cuz its appropriate but we need to be in order to measure this in a reliable way and a valid way but we still see these reminiscebasically this is seeninthe MMPI in the content scale and they call it the ego strength and they test how robust sense of selfwhile someone has low ego strength Vidthey are basically saying there is something that is unconscious usually woman that are showing physiology problemsPsychosomatic medicine to help partly ill in mind Phenomenology is reffered to someones own subjective experience of the worldown perception looking at color Carl rogers approach to psychotherapy to let client direct their own lives experience to psychotherapyand we help them along the pathHe developed Qtechnique to see changes in self conceptit works like you sit at a table with someone and may have many cards that have words that could describe that person ex extraverted are you gonna put uncharacteristic Or very characterisitic 1 Paramilitary sorting like in situations what would u do And then u see how q sorting does is see if thats charcteristic uncharacteristic Behavioral or social learning theories applying techniques we used to use with animals applied to humans operant learning to reqward or punish behavior inorder to increase or decrease behavior forming basis for therapies for autism bc its behavioral condi
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