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Psychological AssessmentChapter 9 AWhen a practitioner wants to assess personality within the normal spectrum test designed expressly for that purpose typically provide a more helpful perspective than instruments developed from the standpoint of psychopathology This chapter investigates an assortment of instruments suitable for assessment within the normal continuum and beyondBroad Band Tests of Normal PersonalityA broad band test is one that measures the full range of functioning opposed to limited aspects MyersBriggs Type Indicator The MBTI is a forcedchoice self report inventory that attempts to classify persons according to an adaptation of Carl Jungs theory of personality types The MBTI is the most widely used individual test in historyThe MBTI is scored on four theoretically independent polarities extraversionintroversion sensingintuition thinkingfeeling and judgingperceiving The test taker is categorized on one side or the other of each polarity which results in a fourletter code such as ENTJOne concern about the MBTIis that the increasing cost of administrating the instr
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