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Lecture 8

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Anthony Ruocco

March 13 2012 Behavioural assessmentConcentrates on the behaviour itself used mostly on children with autism parents wish to change the childs behaviour having a diagnosis doesnt mean that one knows the treatment is going to workThe a antecedents b behaviour c consequencess of be behavioural assessment focuses on the behaviour itself other than the underlying traits hypothetical causes or presumed dimensions of personalitySometimes the patients families can be interview as well in order to determine the patients behaviour in certain cases severely mental retardationModule I Functional Behaviour Assessment Interview video Johnny has hit all of his physical milestones along with the other kids he often looks out the window and stares will always put the phone back on its hook constantly puts toys in his mouth sometimes he also lines up any sort of toy without playing with it the way it was meant to be used the professor would try to find out what is rewarding to the child by developing a hierarchy of what a child finds rewardingpunishingAnalogue behavioural assessment a situation where you actually are able to contrive the environment where the assessment takes place one can set up a situation to determine whether certain types of stimuli are more rewarding than others rapid couples interaction scoring system RCISS evaluate things like criticism disagreement compromise humour etc by going beyond the interview questionnaires
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