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Lecture 7

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Anthony Ruocco

PSYC37- March 6, 2012 Origins of Psychological Testing  Phenomenology refers to someone’s immediate, personal, subjective experience of the world  Carl Rogers’ approach is letting the client themselves direct the psychotherapy session; a self- psychologist; Q-technique is a procedure for studying changes in self-concept; works by psychologist sitting at a table with a client with about 150 cards (describing the person) on the table, and the client is supposed to sort them into piles (characteristic, uncharacteristic, neutral, extremely characteristic, etc.); compare the results to a normative sample, or look at how distribution changes over time;  Behavioural and Social Learning Theories  Applying techniques that we used to use on animals (dogs, mice) on humans; operant learning- punishments and rewards; classical conditioning- reinforcement  Electric shocks sometimes used on mentally retarded people who are considered dangerous (sexual deviants) to stop these behaviours  Learned helplessness- sometimes people feel they have no control over their destiny, behaviour; Rotter- Internal-external scale of control;  Trait Conception of Personality  A trait is any “relatively enduring way in which one individual differs from another”; traits are a huge area of controversy: do we even have traits of personality?; one of the first people to talk about traits to describe personality is Cattell; Surface traits are the broader level of traits; facets are individual sub-traits, which Cattell called the Source traits;  Eysenck’s Trait-Dimensional Theory- bipolar scale means that there are two ends to the scale, you can go from introverted to extraverted;  Five-Factor Model of Personality- “OCEAN”; Fundamental Lexical Hypothesis; if
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