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Chapter 9Topic 9AAssessment Within the Normal Spectrum BROAD BAND TESTS OF NORMAL PERSONALITY A broad bang test is one that measures the full range of functioning as opposed to limited aspectsMYERSBRIGGS TYPE INDICATOR MTBI Published in 1962 the MBTI is a forced choice self report inventory that attempts to classify persons according to an adaptation of Carl Jungs theory of personality types The MTBI is the most widely used individual test in history and proponents of it deem it valuable in vocational guidance and organization counsultingThe MBTI is scored on four theoretically independent polarities extraversionintroversion sensingiNtuition thinkingfeeling and judgingperceiving The test taker is categorized on one side of each polarity resulting in a four letter codehence there are 16 different personality types The opposite ends of each polarity are simply different modes of being and is neither better nor worse to be one side than the other read textbook for what each one meanspg 375 The ENFP type was by far the most common followed by ENFJReliability and validity are generally very good It also has very good validity when compared wit the NEOPIR CALIFORNIA PSYCHOLOGICAL INVENTORY CPI Published in 1957 the CPI is a truefalse test designed expressly to measure the dimensions of normal personalitycomes in two forms CPI434 and CPI260 with the CPI260 gaining favorThe CPI260 is scored for 20 folk measures of personality 7 workrelated scales and 3 broad vectors The purpose of the test is to provide a clear picture of the examinee by using descriptors based on the ordinary language of everyday lifeThe 20 folk measure and 7 work related scales are listed in table 92 pg 379 and reported as T scores normed to a mean of 50 and standard deviation in the general population The test developers used an empirical methodology of criterion keying to develop the majority of the scales Reliability data for the CPI are respectable The three vectors include two basic orientations and a third theme reflecting ego integration The first vector v1 is toward people or toward ones inner life while v2 is the rule favoring or rule questioning These two bipolar orientations provide four lifestyles termed Implementer Supporter Innovator and Visualizer lifestyles The third vector or v3 assesses a 7 point continuum variously referred to as self realization psychological competence or ego integration This vector acts as a moderator for each lifestyles with high scores leading to a positive expression and low scores leading to a negative expression Implementers are extroverted and rule favoring
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