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PSYC37- January 17, 2012 Applications and Consequences of Testing  Definition of a test- a test is a standardized procedure for sampling behaviour and describing it with categories or scores o Standardized procedure o Behaviour sample- a snapshot of behaviour o Scores or Categories- results of the behaviour samples are scored o Norms or Standards- give the test to thousands of people to develop a standard o Prediction of Non-test Behaviour  An Example: the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI) o The most common psychological test in the world o True or false- I like mechanics magazines- predictor of schizophrenia  Further Distinctions in Testing  Norm versus Criterion Referenced Tests o Criterion-Referenced Test: Objective is where examinee stands with respect to strictly defined objectives (e.g., 80% accuracy on 15-item test of 2-digit arithmetic problems) o Norm-References Test: Performance of each examinee interpreted in reference to a relevant standardization sample (e.g., IQ test)  Types of Tests o Group vs. individual o Intelligence tests o Aptitude tests- supposed to measure your likelihood of success in the future o Achievement tests- intelligence and achievement tests are compared in order to determine learning disabilities o Creativity tests- utility is not really clear o Personality tests o Interest inventories o Behavioural procedures o Neuropsychological tests- of memory, thinking, concentration  Uses of Testing o
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