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David Nussbaum

PSYC39 –Psychology and Law Lecture 8: Violent Offending, Homicide & Risk Assessment (Chapter 7) Monday, November 12, 2012 Defining Aggression and Violence Explaining Violence  Aggression – “any behavior directed towards  Social learning theory another individual that is carried out with the  General Aggression Model (GAM) proximate (immediate) intent to cause harm”  Evolutionary psychological perspective (Anderson & Bushman, 2002)  Violence - “aggression that has extreme harm Explaining Violence: Social Learning Theory as its goal” (Anderson & Bushman, 2002)  Aggression is learned (from direct experience and from observing others) Prevalence of Violence  Behaviour is shaped by its consequences  1 in 8 criminal incidents in Canada (reinforcement or punishment)  33% of violent incidents are reported to the police (2004) Explaining Violence: General Aggression Model  Highest reporting for: robbery, physical assault, sexual assault (GAM)  Integration of a number of smaller, more specific theories of aggressive behaviour Victim Characteristics  Components: inputs (personal and situational),  Rates of victimization similar for men and women routes (cognitive, affective, arousal states), appraisal and decision processes  Men more likely to experience non-sexual violence; women – sexual violence  51% of violent crimes committed by someone victims know; 44% - by strangers  Higher rates of victimization associated with: being young, single, often going out in the evening, living in cities Consequence for Victims  Physical injury  Difficulty functioning in everyday activities/PTSD  Anger  Feeling upset, confused, frustrated  Feelin
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