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University of Toronto Scarborough
David Nussbaum

PSYC39 –Psychology and Law Lecture 9: Domestic Violence (Chapter 8) Monday, November 19, 2012 Types of Violence  Social learning – acquisition of behaviour  Psychological/emotional through observation of others; role of origins,  Physical instigators, regulators  Financial/material  Sexual Typologies of Male Batterers  Neglect  Family-only batterer  Exposure to parental violence  Generally violent/antisocial batterer  Dysphoric-borderline batterer Ecological Model of Family Violence Victim’s Response to Abuse  Some leave abusive relationships, some do not; some tell others, some remain silent  Factors that keep women in abusive relationships: fear of retribution, lack of economic support, concern for children, emotional dependence, lack of support from family/friends, fear of being ostracized, hope that the man will change Typologies of Female Victims  5 types based on duration and severity of abuse o Level 1 (short-term group) Intimate Partner Violence o Level 2 (intermediate group)  Includes various types o Level 3 (intermittent long-term group)  38,000 incidents reported in 2006 o Level 4 (chronic and predictable)  51% of women reported at least one incident o Level 5 (homicidal group) since the age of 16 (1993)  Men may also be victims of partner violence Risk Assessment (often mutual violence) – gender bias in  Domestic Violence Risk Appraisal Guide research and response (DVRAG) – 14-item measure to predict recidivism in male offenders Intimate Partner Violence: Triggers  Spousal Assault Risk Assessment (SARA) – 20  Not obeying or arguing with the man risk factors, assesses risk for spousal assault in  Not having food ready on time male offenders  Not caring adequately for the children or home Treatment: What Works  Questioning the man about money or girlfriends
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