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Lecture 8

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David Nussbaum

Lecture 8-November 4 • Blatant malingering o people who are costantly picking absurd answers on psychoanalytic tests to show that they are as crazy as possible o these people are easy to figure out because eveen severely-mentally disordered people know that a judge's main job is not to dress up in a clown suit • the ones who are good at malingering pick incorrect rather than absurd and a couple of the correct ones • questionable fit o invent by psychaitrists o doesn't exist in law/criminal code o thesse are people who can communicate with their lawyer, understand role of the judge etc, but they are pretty psychotic o the psychiatrist feels that their needs will be better served by getting treatment and then going back to court Fitness to Stand Trial:Basic Idea-Fundamental Justice • People with mental disorders are cognitively and emotionally impaired • They may be unable to effectively participate in a legal defense • They may therefore be found guilty even if they are innocent. Instruments • Nussbaum Fitness Questionnaire (NFQ; formerly METFORS Fitness Questionnaire or MFQ) • Designed as a screening tool • Permutation Model of Test Construction NFQ Permutation Model of Test Construction This allows norm free inferences regarding: 1. Fitness/Unfitness 2. Blatant Malingering 3. Subtle Malingering How does this work?? NFQ Permutation Model of Test Construction Each question is structured with: 1 Correct answer 3 Incorrect but “in the ballpark answers” 2 Absurd answers • NFQ • Permutation Model of Test Constr
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