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David Nussbaum

Lecture 10-Nov 18 W5-Chilling Insight serial killers and seductive murders - up close and personal (book) Sgt. Karen Smith-OPP Police Interrogation Techniques: Russell Williams • use Reid methods Intro • 47 years old, Canadian Forces Colonel, CFB Trenton, competent base commander at Canada’s largest base, in Trenton, Ont., loving husband — and • sexual serial killer • -loving husband: some serial killers are loving to their wives and are never suspected • Williams pled guilty to: • 82 separate charges of break and enter, theft, • 2 sexual assault, 2 forcible confinement, and • Two first-degree murder charges • Two concurrent life sentences • Not eligible for “faint hope clause” • it takes 60 break and enters for Russel William's behaviour to escalate o many start off as peeping toms Victims • targeted the homes of attractive adult women, but many of the break and enters targeted children's rooms and undergraments • 48 residences where he breaks and enters o most of them went unnoticed o most commited after midnight o picked locks o spent 30 mins in front of a house picking a front door lock -(confidence and so sure that he won't get caught, well-recognized) • only 17 were reported to police • collection o detailed in a spreadsheet, what he took, when he arrived, when he left ...very thorough o hid them in harddrives (hides it in the Ottawa home) o documented high school dipplomas, passports, chequebooks (invassion of privacy...he is stealing info on them..ripping them off of intimacy...even though there is no sexual connotation) • serial killers tend to work close to their residence, but he has 2 residences (cottage in tweed and one in ottawa) • each time he goes into the home, he is actively iinvolved in finidng out as much as he can about those girls (going through their room) First Sexual Assault • new mother • he does not know her • Sept 17, 2009- 1:00 am • saw her in his boat • leaves 3 am • attack is very specific and follows same process each time o uses a fllashlight (innocent looking equipment) o punches her while she is sleeping o tries to persuade him to leave o puts a pillowcase over her head o no sexual penatration o fondles her breasts o took pictures of her naked • writes letters to 2 of his victims (apologizing) o his letters are pretty terrible o disturbing element in them that he "helped " them in some way..what russel believes Second Sexual Assaauls • 2 weeks after the first victim • did not know her • chose her because she lived alone • 3am • after the sexual attack, he breaks into her home as well o violence is escalating o used knife to cut off her shirt o told her "I won't rape you a
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