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Chapter 8TYPOLOGIES OF MALE BATTERERS The familyonly batterer type displays the following characteristicsEngages in the lowest levels of intimate violentDoesnt show psychopathFew risk factors ie witnessing child abuse etcAggression was triggered by stress ViolentAntisocial battererEngages in moderate to high levels of intimate violenceFrequently violent outside of home and engages in other criminal actsHas anti social and psychopathic personality featuresSubstance abuse problemsAttachment style dismissive Dysphoricborderline batterer typeModerate to severe levels of intimate violence Focuses on female partner for violenceHigh rates of mood disordersBorderline personality features such as instability jealously fear of rejectionExperienced childhood abuseAttachment style is best described as preoccupiedUsing a psychological perspective three types of male batterers were identified the lowrisk nonpathological who engages in familyonly violence the passive aggressivedependant type with attachment and psychopathological problems and the antisocial type who engage in high levels of violence in and outside the home Type 1 abuses are the cobra group showed a decreased heart rate as they became verbally abusive engaged in violence inside and outside the homeType 2 was called pitbull group showed an increased heart rate as they became verbally abusive and engaged in violence inside the homeIn the study of male batterers it was found five types of batterers pathological batterers sexually violent generally violent psychologically violent and family only batterers VICTIMS RESPONSE TO ABUSEFollowing factors can keep an abused women in a relationship
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