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Motor control A hierarchyWe have a drinkreaching outinternallyexternally drivenPlan towards reaching movement brain stem to spinal cordCerebellum and basal ganglia adjust movementsExecuting movement motor cortexoutput largeMotor cortex contralateral different areas of the body are represented in the motor cortex finger and face muscles have large representation compared to legs Lesion motor cortex hemiplegiaEven voluntary movements are impaired reflex movements are intact Motor Control 1 Motor Cortex M1Moving the joystick to number of placesWhat he found particularly within motor cortex cells are tuned for different directionsBy recording directional tuning curve for every cell preferred direction of the cell is 180 degrees towards the leftEach individual cell is bidirectionally sensitive only for one directionAcross columns bidirectional shift in systematic wayAny movement you make multiple cell s are firingAll the signals across multiple cells are integratedTwo neurons have different tuning for directionsboth firing simultaneous
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