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Andy Lee

Types of memory Declarative LTMAutomatic component equivalent to autobiographical memorySemantic memory knowledgePyramids and Pomp tree test select a picture of the tree that goes with pyramid in order to do this test you have to have intact semantic memoryEpisodic which one did you see before what happened before in timeSEMANTIC MEMORYPicture namingPicture to actionsound matchingColouringCued recall you give hintsFree recall you dont give testsRepeat a story and draw the picture with as many details NonDeclarativeNot available for consciousnessProcedural learning becomes automatic eg bicycleMirror drawing draw picture by looking at the mirror everything is switched overPerceptual priming certain type of info is primed show a list of words next give stem and ask to complete the wordClassical conditioning rabbit associate condition stimulus with eye blink an example of nondeclarative memory automatic learning responseNon associative learningHabituation present a stimulus many times the subject doesnt respondSensitization continuously repeats something response increases Eg somatic response paid or sensationTaxanomy how does the process each of these memoriesPatient HM medial temporal lobe was removedHippocampus sitting next to parahippocampal gyrus divided into antirhinal and perirhinal cortexRemoval of bilateral medial temporal lobeResult of the surgery global amnesia anterograde and retrograde amnesia was presentThey argued all other cognitive processes were intact nondeclarative motor learning mirrorlearning and perception and language were also intactMTL is important for declarative LTM memoryMTL exclusive declarative LTM memory only essential for LTMNo distinction of function all the parts of MTL carry out the same process within declarative LTM memorySupport for MTL is important for declarative LTMIf you damage MTL you can get one of these type of memory deficits or both
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