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Attention: Key concepts  There is a capacity limit to attention- comes from limited processing by the brain  E.g texting  Anything below the bottleneck, will have limited attention capacity  Sensory info comes in registered-has a limited capacity- gating mechanism filters out unnecessary info] Attention: Key Debates  When filtering takes place?  Some argue bottleneck happens early on and others later.  Sensory input- cortical areas process info- after perceptual analysis, brain carry out semantic analysis- to executive function and decision making  Where does the bottleneck happen? Broadbent argued this happens very early, right after sensory input  Late theorist argues- filtering doesn’t happen until semantic analysis  Do we analyze completely or cut out before?  Dichotic listening paradigm- different streams of info in each ear  Subject is repeating what they are hearing in left ear  If you play two different info in each ear- unattended ear-subjects couldn’t say what was playing  Filtering of info happens very early such that unattended info doesn’t reach semantic stage  Von Wright- first stage- words with electric shock- played these words in unattended stream- they still show galvanic skin response to these words  Moray- under certain circumstances, subjects can pick up unattended info- there is some extent of unattended info therefore argues for later filtering  Treisman- attenuator- analyzes info to a certain extent but only does to an extent  Lavie- possible that there is both early and late processing happening simultaneously- when there is perceptual info is low- higher level processing, high perceptual info- low level processing  What does selective attention emphasize?  Posner argues that-carried out on the basis of spatial location  Duncan- carried out by object- ig
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