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Andy Lee

Lec 5- feb 14 psy c55 - If remembered, MTL was activated (parahippocampal/fusiform gyrus) - 3 types of surgery groups. N- normal group. A-amygdala. H*A-hippocampus and amygdale. H- hippocampus - If hippocampus is lesioned, impaired - If delay is 8 seconds, even if MTL is lesioned, monkey performs normally (Zola Morgan) - As you increase the size of the lesion to the hippocampus, performance on DNMTS greater deficit is proportion to the lesion - Serial reaction time task: unconscious learning. Cant say what the sequence is, but reaction time gets faster for repeated sequences o If not repeated sequence, no difference with amnesiacs and normal control o MTL is not important for non declarative memory - Double dissociation: E.E. Damaged frontal lobes - Olson t al o 3 tasks  Squares on a screen, delay, squeares taken away then shown a different picture and have to point out differences  Face, delay, shown face again and had to see if the face is the same one. (just used in 2006. Facial recognition of MTL damaged patients were not assessed un til then)
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