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Andy Lee

Psyc55- lec 7 march 6 - Key debates: early or late selection - Broadbent: fltering happens early on. We make decision basedo n what happens ver ery on - Deutsch & deutch: filtering happens only after semantic analysis - difference is everythg analysed eqally or do we analyse only what we analyse - object-based: not on spatial location but jsut on object Attention:ERP research - war headphones on each ear experimenters played streams of tones. Asked to detect tones that were different, dfferent tones on each ear. When ever detected a high pitched tone, press a button - found that very consistently across subjects, whenever a stream of information is attended to you will measure an increased negative ERP (auditory N1 component) - early components may reflect subcortical filtering? - Earliest P1: 70-90ms! Latency o Attend to right or left side of face Attention:fMRI research - Attend to one and ignore other 3 bars or passively look at all - Semi circe of colours: vison on retina o A and B are how it is mapped on the visual cortex o G and H: subjects are asked to look at all 4 of the bars (passively viewing all 4 bars)  You get this activity in the hot colours across all of the vsual areas  C and E are focused on just one bar/area  Only et activity in the select regions  Convergence of information. Same stimulus shown, activity in other regions are los
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