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Lecture 7

Lecture 7

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Mark Schmuckler

Melodic Organization y Two different parameters of Western tonal music are centralo Tonality o Melody y Melody is available in every form to people throughout the world from birth probably before birth y Parentsmothers sing to their infants in every known culture o Providing them with melody thy Gestalt psychologists first part of 20 century o Take elements and when you group them together based on some kind of configural property o Talk about proximity and similarity o ie for b grouping based on similaritygroup open and closed circles o for c see two curved lines A to B and C to D y how is one group a sequence of single tones o look for aspects such as proximity and similarity o pitch proximity is an extremely powerful cue for grouping different tones o form sequential links between tones that are close together in pitch and separate them from tones that are far away in pitch o psudopolophony grouping based on pitch proximity o when the frequency between these two tones was less than 15 listeners heard trill o if increase frequency difference between two tones organize the tones differently y fission boundary anything below that cannot hear as two sequences o temporal coherence boundary varies per frequency hear as two streams two tones o fission boundary doesnt vary per frequency hear one stream of two tones o this phenomenon has been well researched stream segregationstreaming by pitch proximitystreaming by similarity use different types of timbres
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