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Lecture 8

Lecture 8

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Mark Schmuckler

Musical Expectancy y Expectancy some earlier set of events sets upanticipates an expectation for a future event y In music this means that when we have a particular music passage this sets up an anticipation for a subsequent musical passage y Music analytic viewpoint the generation of expectations and the subsequent confirmation plays a critical role in our aesthetic perception of music y From a psychological viewpoint the process of expectations plays an important in our processing and understanding of music y This is one of the ways we are able to link processes of music that are spread out in time o tells us about our organization subsequent memory for music how quickly we respond y in western music we can see or hear a passage like this forms a strong expectationo can be expectations of pitch beat timing y underlying expectation generation o we all generate expectations o are our expectations similar across listeners or are they idiosyncratic o what are the musical patterns that give rise to these expectations o what impact does the fulfillment of these expectations does that have on our subsequent processing of musical effectsAre processes that fulfill our musical expectation processed more easily than those that dont o Can ask about memory would we have better memory for expected melodies or unexpected melodies y Interest in musical expectancy has been around for a number of years o Musical communication Meyer occurs through the process of music expectation
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