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Lecture 9

Lecture 9b

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Mark Schmuckler

Lecture Nine y Time can be understood as clocklike mode o Precision is gained through loss of interest o Watching a clock is not interesting y Experiential time is interesting o Rarely the same o Unpredictable o Structure is drawn from elements that make it unique y In reality we live in both modes of time at once o We understand the mechanical clock like ticking of our time o We also understand the experiential part o Sometimes these two modes converge y Can also talk about the amount of time that frames the event y Hierarchy o First mode units days months o Second mode levels stem from uniqueness of experienceie if two people meet and talk then go separate waysbased on experience of their meeting hierarchical levels y third aspect is idea of motion stuff of time itself o eg miles per hour growth per month o were talking about motion but time is understood o quantitative mode of motion relatively objectivemotion per units of timeeg miles per hour
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