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G Cupchik

Thursday November 7, 2013 History Lecture 08  If theres a big jump bw midterm and final will give you mark.  Subjective aspect of spiritual is upto the individual  Insight – have a fight with someone which is an indication of something bigger. How do changes in the brain affect us?  When talking about the church, not talking about god. Individuals as scholars fighting over power structure. Its all about power.  Insight vs authority  Macchiavelli: begins to describe dynamic. Humanist movement, talking about real people in the social world. So society comes to a point where it becomes self conscious and thinking about themselves and how the world works. Social science is being renewed.  In 1500’s see modern psychology. Modern science and psychology bgins in 1500’s. why? Bcs these guys are starting to describe the world around them. There’s a lot of writing about God bcs looking over their shoulder at the church. There’s a shift to the modern. Theres a movement away from dogma. Shift from greeks: naturalism. There are 2 forces: this is the truth (plato), don’t mess with us vs Aristotle, take a look at the world and see.  Artists are always one step ahead of scientists. Artists look at the world in intuitive way, scientists formalize it.  These guys are coming out of thoughts and hopes and beginning to explore  Moving in the direction of measurement  6. This introduces of the humanist movement. There is an emphasis on the individuals viewing the world as a force. Theres 2 aspects of force. 1. Vitalism – the body and 2. Existential aspect – have choices about the decisions we make.  10. If you have scholarship run by religious institutions, you have scholasticism bcs wont say anything that goes against the religious leaders.  Therefore there is a change  Our approach to scholarship is this: everything is changing and becoming more open.  13. Paradigm change. Shift from heliocentric. Now completely modern  infinity was coming in as a construct – [slide: in the 16 century there was a steady growth….] o people are realizing the world is round. o They are looking at limits: what are the definition of limits?  Science could not exist without a social structure. Ex. Who’s paying for the work? Science = social institutions  We move from an oral culture to a written culture  Orthodoxy is not just religious orthodoxy. Ex go to teachers with a paper that goes against their fundamental position.  1. Mersenne – communicated with everyone o science can not exist unless you have people to talk to! o Here we see the beginning of scientific societ
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