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Lecture 4

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Michelle Hilscher

Lecture 4 May 28 2014Recall The Renaissance redefining the human being so theyre no longer viewed as being passiveRevolution in PhysicsMethodologicalEmpiricism looking around and making observationsDeduction making theories about the worldDESCARTESDescartes Epistemological Position1Some knowledge exists at birthIdeas of God infinity perfection geometry logic aHow to know this knowledge existsYou can ask this question which affirms the innate knowledges existence If you think therefore you are2Rational and deductive thinking permits acquisition of remaining knowledgeaIf you have a moral dilemma you must pull from your divine knowledge of God and your innate knowledge about itbYou can do anything you just need to pull from your innate knowledge3Sensation and perception are untrustworthy modes of knowledge acquisitionDescartes and the MindBody ProblemMatter and mind are qualitatively differentDescartes is one of the most wellknown dualistsHe caused the development of two different streams physiologyb psychology Matter is res extensa extended substanceForms the bodyMaterial and organicBody acts in an unconsciousautomatic environmentReflex action example1Man touches fire with foot2Fire particles interact with receptors in foot3Receptors pull on nerve threads connected to pores in brain
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