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Lecture 6

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Michelle Hilscher

Lecture 6 June 11 2014Recall1Natural selection happens whenaWithinspecies competitionbWithinspecies differencescPhenotype tied to genotypeiEnvironment favors some heritable variations over others1Need challenges for individuals to adapt an surviveiiPsych example of this moths that like light psychological preference that may be tied into genetic makeup of moth as other moths dont like light Then the environment changes the lights change to heat lamps that can very easily fry these moths These moths will die off if they dont learn The moths that dont like lights will survive2Emotional expressions are adaptationsaThey are actions that helped our ancestors survivebThey coincided with emotions our ancestors feltpeople cryiPeople crythis serves as a social cue It tells people that you need help and support Tears are linked with anxiety and sadness The tears may be an evolutionary thingtears protect eyes Ancestors anxiety may have been related to something that could damage the eye storm debrisiiSticking tongue out after digusting tastemay have adapted from sticking tongue out to vomitiiiBiting lip when nervousin past to make social alliances you would groom new people This expression would be associated with that action3Darwins ideas were misrepresentedaNatural selection was used to justify racist views of many 19th century theorists NonCaucasian races were said to be sociallyintellectually underdevelopedbMany theorists used these ideas as the foundations for developing research projects and social policies
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