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Lecture 5

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Michelle Hilscher

Lecture 5 June 4 2014The Enlightenment of 17th18th Centuries emphasized human experience and reasonTo understand universes etc people no longer had to rely on the word of the Churchthey could find things out for themselvesEnglish Empiricists prioritized human experiencepeople have no choice but to automatically represent what is in their environment and then can then examine it Believed that humans are always consciously aware of how they make decisionsGerman and French Rationalists emphasized reasoning almost to the point of ignoring human experiencehumans dont always have to reflect on whats going on in the environment We can change our attention and imagine things We have innate knowledge Also we are not always conscious of our decisionsGerman RomanticismConflict between Rationalists and Empiricists coincided with a repudiation of the Enlightenment ideal of reasoning by the romantic movementCultural shift that came from everyday people who were listening to the enlightenmentArt exampleRealism Demonstrates whats going on in the enlightenment They paint exactly what is going on so that we dont have to imagine thingsRomantic they add emotions They dont show exactly whats going on they want people to have a critical reflectionJeanJacques Rousseau 17121778 Human nature has been corrupted by reasonscienceNatural state of human being is that of noble savageTherefore ideal form of education is Spontaneity of emotion over sterility of reasoningRousseau was very critical of the educational systemchildren did repetitive exercises it was based on the empiricistFollow your dreamsbetter adjusted personBest education was a handsoff education where the kid can follow emotions and learn things by themselvesJohann Wolfgang von Goethe 17491832
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