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Lecture 9

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Michelle Hilscher

Lecture 9 July 16 2014RecallGreat Britain and Germany late 1800sAre thoughts imagedbased or imagelessBritish AssociationistsGerman reaction time workWhat methods are appropriate for studyingoIntrospection in vivo vs introspection after event How much training is required for study participantsUSA in the early 1900sBasic vs Applied PsychologyStructural vs Functional PsychologyoStructuralists were like Associationists What are thoughts made of What combines to create an ideaoFunctional What can the mind doImageless Thought Debate Leads to Attack on Introspectioneg John B WatsonProgress of psychology at risk due to introspectionPsychology must discard all references to consciousness Psychology should no longer delude itself that it can observe mental statesDont focus on consciousness Should focus on external factors of the environment or the factors that show the behavioursTitchener and the Dimensions of ConsciousnessLater in career Titchener started to emphasize dimensions rather than mere elements underlying consciousnessQuantity how strong or weak is somethingQuality type or kind of a sensation red or green colour Hot or cold feelingDuration how long can something lastClarity related to consciousness When you have an experience how conscious are you to the parts of the experienceoNo matter the type of emotion it will be vague and on the edge of consciousnessExtensity how extended is the experience How much space does it take up What are limits Physical objects apple have a boundary Sensory experiences dont have boundaries so have extensityThe Turn to Applied PsychologyWhy did early20th century American psychologists turn to applied psychology 1 Academic job shortagea PhDs academic jobsbGraduates seek jobs in education industry and clinical settings2 Publicprofessional demandaPsychological input soughtbeg phrenology mental tests for trainmen3 Solution to teaching loadaNeeded to supplement income reduces research time4 Need to study a topic that is socially valuableaWhat sells Research that helps boost human efficiencybeg in the factory in the office in the homeclassroomFunctional PsychologyAssociated with the University of Chicago and Columbia University in early decades of the 20th centuryStudies the mind as a collection of functions that assist the individual in adapting to the demands of the environment Functions include attention memory and volition will doing things on what the mind decidesFunctionalism Heavily Influenced by DarwinOrganisms adapt to their environmentWe reflect on our thoughts in a conscious ways we make choices thats what makes us adaptiveFunctionalists focused onThe consciouspurposive adaptations that people make during their livesFunctionalists believed that
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