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Lecture 10

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Michelle Hilscher

Lecture 10 July 23 2014Recall Watsons Behaviorism1Focus on behavioural phenomenanot the minds content or functions2Collect objective data3Apply principles of psychologyto predict and control human behaviourNeobehaviourismThe Neobehaviorism of Clark L Hull 18841952 and Edward C Tolman 18661959 superseded Watsons behaviorism in the 1930s and 1940sOverlap with WatsonGOALSDifference from WatsonPHILOSOPHY OF SCIENCEMETHODOLOGYWatsons inductive approach illustrated We behaviorists collect our facts from observation Now and then we select a group offacts and draw certain general conclusions about themLimitations of the inductive approach1What if something exists but has not been observed2No room for hypotheses to guide verificationIn contrast the hypotheticodeductive approachThe typical procedure is to adopt a postulate tentatively deduce one or more of its logical implications concerning observable phenomena and then check the validity of the deductions by observationFor the neobehavioristsDescription is important but so too is imaginationEdward TolmanMethod of choicePsychologists should describe human behaviour in terms of observable antecedent conditionsinferred mental statesMental states are goal orientations behaviors are goaldirected actions
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