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Lecture 11

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Michelle Hilscher

Lecture 11 July 30 2014The Eve of the Cognitive RevolutionPrimary stimulus for growth of cognitive psychology came from outside academic psychologydevelopments in logic mathematics computer sciencethemselves products of applied research during WWIIHow to use transmit the most possible information thats in encoded through a limited channelso that you dont lose bits of itCyberneticsNorbert Wiener 18941964Designed servomechanisms They are goalorientedselfregulate based on feedback from targetoLike a torpedo mechanical modelA Mechanical Model for Immediate MemoryAttentionDonald Broadbent 192619931Humans have goals STM short term memory limits how many are active2Humans attend to stimuli Differing depths of processing how much of the information do you recognize and how do you use itaAll this shows that humans have active attention We dont just passively process itComputers and CognitionSymbolic logic equated with electronic circuitryneural networksElectronic circuits and its onoff positions are like neurons that fire or dontTuring machine kind of like a calculator performs set of stored instructions It specializes in one specific programSet of instructionsprogramUniversal Turing machineearly computercan perform many tasksTurings view of human cognitive processingDirect link between something like the Turning machine and the human mindThe human mind is programmed to run a specific task and run the programs
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