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Lecture 3

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Kevin Dunbar

PSY84H3 – Lecture 3 Induction > given individual pieces of data > we purpose a general rule - the rule summarizes the differences in individ observation - deduction always gives the right answer and induction can lead us to the wrong conclusion at times - [3]You can purpose a general rule and then you can make predictions about what you will see in the future [really important to science] - constraints about how far we can make our induction [cows to humans?] - Hume’s Enquiry > we can never be sure that our induction is right - [5]problem of induction > inductive theories may account for what we have seen so far but do not account for all things over time - search for common elements [common element theory] o test by seeing if other instances fit the rule o induction by generalization - negative instances are useful - In science the common elements are not always obvious - we tend to like simple hypothesis - ‘the the’ test > occupy cognitive ability so it is harder to formulate hypothese
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