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Karen Dion

Focus Groups: • There have been complaints regarding other methods(lab based) as being too artifical • Focus groups also provide a context to the content, • Some psychologists have critized the individualization of psychology, thus proposing the individual self may be characterized as in connection or relationional • Some reachers have critized the extent to which interets and concerns of research participants are subordinated to the researcher, in focus group the participants are more free to express their opinion • In the focus method, there is a more egalitarian relationship between researcher and participant AvoidingArtifically: Focus groups are a relatively “naturalistic method” • Sometimes focus group use people that already know each other, because they are sometimes able to tap into fragments of interactions which approximated to naturally occutring data, the fact that research participants already knew each other and the additonal advantage could relate to each others commetns to actual incidents in their shared daily lives • In one study, girls were allowed to bring their best friend, and they were able to be critical( able to challenge each other on contradictions between what they are professing) Avoiding decontextualizations: Focus groups are social concerns for meaning making • Focus groups are need to generate meaning how opinions are formed, expressed and sometimes modified within the context of discussion • People try question one another, persude each orher..some dissent can lead them to clarify why they thought as they did, often indentifying aspects of their personal experience which had altered their personal experience • Someone says that people get sexually harassed because they dress a certain way • Focus groups also provide an opporunity to directly observe the group process, in the individual interview responden
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