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Social Responsibilities, US vs India Morals are based on objective obligations, independent of social consensus or personal preference, legitimately subject to social regulation, rather than as the agent’s own business. Gilligan said that morals are relationship based, especially in females, and that although people judge that interpersonal responsiveness and care involve feelings of obligation, they also tend to regard the decision to perform behaviors of this type as personal in nature. Comparison btwn American and Hindu Indian Adults reactions to hypothetical incidents in which an agent fails to meet the needs of a dependent other with whom they hve an ongoing role relationship, such as a friend. For Indians this is moral terms, and for Americans it is personal choice. Indians judgments reflect a moral code that tends to give priority to social duties and Americans’ judgments reflect moral code giving priority to individual rights. So cultural differences exist but not sure if it depends on the dependent other’s need or their role relationship to the agent, or both. Americans all about freedom of choice, Indians all about interpersonal interdependence and social obligations. Subjects were presented with incidents where agent refus
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