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Lecture 2

Lecture 2 : Analogue study College students.docx

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Michael Bagby

College students: Higher stressors – relates to suicide in college students Issues old : but dsm 3 DSM - Bible of psychiatrists in Norht America - Comprehensive set of disorders 536 diagnostic mental disorders - - DSM 4- 1994 TR - 2000 - DSM 3 – 1980 - DSM 2 – 1967 - DSM 1 – 1952 DSM 5 – May 2013 – huge revisions other issues about college studies going to be fixed others not RCT – are they approp. to establish diagnosis College students not mean that you are not prone to major depressive episodes BDI give to students - pressure on young faculty to publish Problems: Using university student in social psychological research IQ – cognitive studies – publications in memory and cognition - huge bias – not extrapolate in population due to university students Sample is diff. severity of depression might be evident Different stressors and context e.g. Evidence based medicine – bacteria – then what kind of medication will target it – science informs how I practice symptoms Evidence based Psychiatry – Journal of abnormal psychology – Major Dep. After you’ve done your assessment – premier journal in study of psyhopathology – what would you give? Download article and used 1000 students 1 yr and conclusion based on that Distrust scientific articles cant be used DSM – months of depressive students 4-5 MINS TO fill BDI Statistical question to explore BDI Spend time pt that is more salient Analogue samples important – AGAINST: - Self report measures psychologist look at multiple indices - Clinical depression = stress or distress less sever and more transient - BDI and other self report tests with their reliability – low scores inconsistencies in higher scores leads to over r
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