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University of Toronto Scarborough
David Nussbaum

PSYD33- lec 3 Neuropsychologist looks at especially cognitive and cortical areas of the brain Cognitive tests are not IQ tests. It breaks up the tests and tests smaller bits of the brain functioning, often testing the damage occurred n the brain result of stress, toxins, external damage or internal like strokes Brain anatomy: Cortex: outer parto f the bran, two sides of bran. Left hemisphere is more imp in males for lang, thinking in words, math. Females have better sharing between the two hemispheres Reading and writing depend on the parietal lobe because they require a spatial analyzer Homunculus is in the parietal lobe as well as the outer spatial map One homunculus in both lobes. The right parietal map of external space is superior to the left one. In the left lobe it encodes only the space to the right of the midline in the body. That is the hemispace extent The right parietal lobe has representations for both the right and left side of the lobe. The knowledge of spatial locations is dependent on which side of space and dependent on which way you are oriented The parietal lobe is giving the information from the occipital lobe a shape. In terms of vision, we can also see motion. In order to recognize an object there is a pathway in the occipital lobe that comes in through the retina, then it is sent to the temporal lobe to essentially recognize it as an object or a name. or it goes upto the parietal lobe for thte spatial map. It is the dorsal stream of the visual system. Motion is perceived through the dorsal stream, the object
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